Risk Prevention


Regardless of the type of work it is important to work continuously with the vibration issues and make them into a natural part of the daily work. These four steps could be helpful in the prevention of vibration

  1. Examine the working conditions.
    The employer is obliged to investigate working conditions and assess the risks that may arise because a worker is subject to vibration. How detailed study needs to be done will vary but it is important to take into account all the risks linked to vibration. In the examination, the daily vibration exposure for each worker should be estimated.
  2. Assess the risks.
    The employer is required to assess the risks of damage or accidents as a result of vibrations the worker are exposed to. The risk assessment should be carried out regularly and updated as changes in operations or when medical checks show that it is needed.
  3. Resolve and make action plan.
    If there is a risk of vibration injury, steps must be done to investigate and minimize risk. To minimize the vibration exposure and thus the risk of injury are several possible actions.
  4. Follow-up.
    Follow up actions in collaboration with employees and safety personal and find out if the measures were adequate. If necessary, develop a new action plan.


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